Nico V

Nico V is the Duke of Eldyrmoor, and is a Vampire. Born to the legitimate line of nobility for the duchy, he was raised as a normal human until shortly before the fall of the kingdom of Krandor. At that time he was bitten by a Vampire during his Grand Tour of the kingdom. During the downfall of the kingdom he used his powers, both as a duke and as one of the undead, to protect his duchy from interlopers. nico-v.jpg

He is eternally 15 years old, but he wears a false mustache he feels makes him look older. His people support, and even encourage, his oddities as they are extremely fond of him. He rules with an iron first, but he also keeps his people safe from outside terrors which is a benefit sorely lacking in most stretches of this fallen world. Many vampires find a thing to fixate on, and his was his birthright. It is what has kept him reasonably sane through the fall of the entire world around him.

His ever-faithful companion no doubt once had a name and identity of his own, but now is merely known by his nickname of Grettir. He is never seen outside his suit of jet-black plate armor, or without his greatsword Reaver.


The actual day to day governance of Eldyrmoor is primarily handled by the Chancellory, which is presided over by Chancellor Knotte, a longtime servant of the Duke. He commands an army of clerks, tax collectors, and spies. In his service are also many ex-adventurers who now serve supervisory roles over the many projects and missions that the Chancellory deigns to hand out.

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Nico V

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