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This world is one of darkness. Evil triumphed, the Gods of Light fled this plane, abandoning their followers to the horrors that followed. Now, after hundreds of years have passed, the battle is no longer between Good and Evil but between the forces of Law, and the ravening hordes of Chaos. Life is difficult. Travel is difficult. Obstacles are the norm, and Death seems to lurk around every corner. Knowledge is worth it’s weight in gold.

General Locations
Azur (City)
Deepheart (Duchy)
Deeplake (Lake / Local Area)
Eastborg (Town)
Eldyrmoor (Duchy)
Far Westborg (Town)
Krandor (Continent)
Pryderi (Duchy)
Silvan Wood (Forest)

Important NPCs
Inquisitor Jannes
Jazre Demonspawn
Nico V

Black Jaw
The Inquisition
Keepers of Alvhaim
Order of the Ebon Hand

Monster Factions
Citadel of Bone
Green Horde
Icespire Peak
Ogres of the Mist

Temple of Asmodeus
Blood Drinkers of Battol
Disciples of the Unhallowed Sepulchre

The God’s Exodus
List of Deities

Campaign Houserules
Character XP

Main Page

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