Keepers of Alvhaim

The Keepers of Alvhaim are a group of adventurers who have been granted a noble landgrant to the Island of Alvhaim. They have pooled their efforts, resources and skills to meet the task put forward by Duke Nico V. They recently have taken the island back from the Green Horde yet.

They were tasked with collecting taxes from the Silvan Wood and Lakeshore areas, as well as administering Low and Middle justice in this area, which has been lightly administered in the last few centuries.


  • Dara Cullynsdottir
  • Khalil
  • Bal
  • Faye Blackrabbit
  • Thundar of Chunderbog (coma)


  • Norin
  • Aerasar
  • Runtish
  • Derek
  • Satheris


  • Tek (Goblin leader)
  • Grigori Castleblack (Engineer/Architect)
  • Jeff the Bullywug
  • Dick the Cook
  • Eric Straightbridge (Stonemason)
  • Silman Innkeeper (Mayor of Lakeshore)


  • 22 Goblins
  • 9 Auxiliary Ducal Guards

Civilian Population

  • Lakeshore: 500
  • Deeplake Area: 500
  • Silvan Wood: 5000


  • 3600 Peasant Recruit
  • 600 skilled farmers and tradesmen
  • 250 former convicts
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Keepers of Alvhaim

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