Exactly where the Silvan Wood ends and Deepheart begins is a matter of much debate among the elves. It has been argued vigorously and often. Usually with pointy objects and much spilling of blood and tears. The massive forest that makes up Deepheart has always been home to the elven people, and indeed is their racial homeland. It is ruled from a mountain in the center of its woodlands. The High Elves have constructed wonders in stone here and crafted a city of wonder called The Eyrie.

Deepheart is ruled by King Elruan Velespere, who is the son of the previous rulers of both the High Elves and the Wood Elves. In him, the two subraces combined and found a ruler of legend. He rules the elven peoples absolutely, except for when he doesn’t…

Anyone who cannot find a way to exist within the tightly proscribed elven society is outlawed and exiled to the Silvan Wood. Over the last few centuries they have been building their own society there and consider themselves a separate people from the Deepheart elves.

The primary residents of Deepheart are High Elves, Wood Elves, Gnomes, and Aarakocra. There is a also a small community of Eladrin elves.

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