A small settlement on the east side of Deeplake, Chunderbog was famous for it’s peat bogs and wickedly vicious drink, Lakeshine. The people are the area were tight-lipped, a little sour, and generally unfriendly to strangers or new things.

Chunderbog was also home to one of the few dwarven populations in Eldyrmoor outside of Azur. Recently a rise in antipathy towards Nico V has led to the growth of a dwarven separatist movement that has been linked with a demon cult. The Keepers of Alvhaim sacrificed the whole population to Graz’zt.

The town leader was Mayor Caleb Kazad-dur, a dwarven cooper. He recently was murdered by poisoned brandy after finding out his wife was killed while putting down a demon ceremony.

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