The Inquisition

The Inquisition is made up of the most zealous followers of Asmodeus, the Inquisition roots out all those who might stand against the Church. They are always Cleric or Paladin followers of the God (may multiclass) and are among the most often seconded to the service of the Duke.

Motto: “No One May Stand Against The Hells”


  • Crush any who stand in the way of the growth of the Temple of Asmodeus.
  • Convert the Unbelievers.
  • Gather and obtain power, of any variety, for the Glory of Asmodeus.


  • The Will of Asmodeus is paramount.
  • Treason is a Sin.
  • No one is innocent.

Member Traits
Members of the Inquisition act autonomously when out adventuring, and often find themselves at odds with the plans of their fellows. In the end, Asmodeus rewards success, however gained, and so the relationship can be quite strained between adventuring Inquisitors. They can expect the help and support of the ordinary church members and clergy when they have need.


  • Initiate
  • Inquisitorial Agent
  • Inquisitor
  • Master Inqusitor
  • Lord High Inquisitor
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The Inquisition

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