Temple of Asmodeus

The Temple of Asmodeus is the primary religion in Eldyrmoor. They have an officially sanctioned temple in Azur, where they take in many orphans to raise as Acolytes. The government of the duchy sees them as a positive as they support Law and Order, and they do not speak out against the duke.

The Temple does have it’s own agenda, to whit they espouse the belief that Law must be brought to the lawless outside of Eldyrmoor’s borders, along with Order and Tyranny. The Temple has encouraged clerics to volunteer to work with the Duke’s forces in combat operations, but have had to occasionally reign them in when their zealous actions go beyond the orders of the Duke.

The High Temple Complex

In the city of Azur there is a massive temple complex which houses the main Cathedral of Might, the headquarters of the Inquisition, several large complexes of clerics, and a few chapterhouses of Paladins. It also houses the enormous treasure-house/armory of the Temple.

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Temple of Asmodeus

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