Order of the Ebon Hand

The Order of the Ebon Hand is made up of cult followers of Kanai. They are assassins, serving as the hands of the god of Murder. They see death as a doorway, and themselves as the instruments to pass beyond that door. They are usually Assassins, Shadow Monks, or Sorcerers. One notable thing they do is dye their hands black with an ink before they go out on a mission.

Motto: “Death comes for us all.”


  • Expedite Death.
  • Crush Hope.
  • Inspire Fear.


  • Magical Healing is a sin against Death. The weak are meant to die.
  • Resurrection is a sin. Priests who resurrect should die.
  • Death is only the beginning.

Member Traits
Acolytes of the Order are driven by a desire for the comfort that comes with finality. The world that they live in is overwhelming and the only thing that can stop the flow is Death. They have become the hands of Death to bring peace. Basically, it’s a group made up of severely disturbed people who have been self-reinforcing for many years.


  • Acolyte
  • Strifesower
  • Deathbringer
  • Abbot
  • Old Man On The Mountain
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Order of the Ebon Hand

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