Eldyrmoor is a duchy, previously part of the fallen kingdom of Krandor, and now independently ruled by it’s immortal Duke, Nico V. It is notable for the fact that despite the fall of Krandor Eldyrmoor was able to keep order and protect it’s citizens and ways over life.

It is full of swampy forests, moors and lakes, and decaying ruins covered in fast-growing vegetation. Even away from the capital fogs and mists are quite common.

The people of Eldyrmoor are intensely fond of Nico V and cater to his whims, such as maintaining the dress and dialect of language from the height of the fallen kingdom. The Duke is fond of his people, but quick to stomp on any insurgency or brigandry that might arise.

Azur is the capital of Eldyrmoor, being a town of some 22,000 residents, and home to Nico V’s keep. Far Westborg and Eastborg are the major towns in the Duchy.

The capital is surrounded by four farming villages, and the river Azurel.


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