Disciples of the Unhallowed Sepulchre

The Disciples, as they call themselves, are the followers of the God of Untimely Death, Kanai. They are devoted to Death, Dying, and the Undead. As such, they are the group that most adventurers turn to when in need of a Resurrection, or other aid involving death.

The Disciples see Death as merely a door that must be passed through by all, and Murder as it’s most valued ritual. The Church is propitiated by many Necromancers, and the Clerics of the Kanai are often gifted with many spells for raising and controlling Undead.

Assassins and Shadow Monks are especially valued followers of Kanai, and the Disciples have a faction associated with them known as the Order of the Ebon Hand.

In Azur the Disciples are based out of The Ossuary, a massive crypt located in the city’s main graveyard.

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Disciples of the Unhallowed Sepulchre

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