Blood Drinkers of Battol

The Blood Drinkers are the religious followers of Battol, not merely the masses who call upon him in their time of need in war. They believe that Battle Brings Blood, Blood Breeds Strength, Strength Gives Life. They see their worship as combat, their hymns and prayers are the invocations they shout to the Lord of Frenzied Battle, and the wails of their victims.

The one real piece of dogma that has arisen is the idea that immortality and legend can only be achieved by creating a stairway to the aether by the bodies of your slain enemies. The more foes you slay, the closer you can come to reaching the same heights of power that Battol himself achieved.

There is no real hierarchy or order amongst the Blood Drinkers, each one seeks the favor of Battol in their own way. That said, there are rumors of followers who have achieved special favor from their Master, and who have become immortal killing machines.

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Blood Drinkers of Battol

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