Black Jaw

The Black Jaw is the criminal syndicate that runs most of the organized crime in the Duchy of Eldyrmoor. They are rumored to have their hands in all manner of trade from the lowest of the low; prostitution, drug smuggling, slavery, all the way up through owning many legitimate businesses as fronts.

They operate as a traditional thieves guild as well, and any unregulated thieves or solo workers who are caught using the night road without paying their taxes are never heard of again.

Rumors swirl around the leadership of the syndicate, but it is known that it is run by a Council of Nine, headed by an individual known only as Sliver.

Their symbol is a simple outline of a lower jaw drawn in unrelieved black, and it is commonly left on buildings with charcoal or other temporary substances as a means of communication.

Motto: “Black Jaws Bite Back!”


  • Control the nightside economy, and use the dayside to hide it.
  • Force all users of the Thieve’s Highway to join them.
  • Protect their members from the authorities.


  • What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable.
  • Never steal from a thief, and get caught.
  • Obey the Guildmaster.

Member Traits
Members of the Black Jaw might be from any vein of illegal or grey area of the law. Their typical members are thieves, non-cult assassins, rangers, warlocks, and nightside arcane users. They are out for their own gain first of all, but generally can be counted on to cooperate when it would be financially beneficial to all parties involved.


  • Eye
  • Hand
  • Blade
  • Nightmaster / Daymaster
  • Guildmaster
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Black Jaw

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