Azur is the capital of Eldyrmoor, and has long been home to Nico V’s family. It is a walled citadel sitting perched on a hill overlooking two major trade routes and the river Azurel. It is surprisingly urban despite the fact that it is primarily surrounded by plains and undeveloped lands. All of the architecture has been maintained in the fashion of the fallen kingdom, and any new construction must adhere to the same style as well.

The buildings are usually 2 to three stories, with a few higher or lower, and mostly built of a dark slate-grey stone local to the area. The city and land for about a quarter day’s ride in every direction is constantly shrouded in a luminous fog that seems to collect light and disperse it at a very low, dim and constant level. Nothing green will grow in the city, not even moss, and the citizens have made all parks and other amenities based around stonework. This lends Azur a dark and looming glamor that visitors may find disconcerting, but has become almost a comfort to residents. The city is also host and home to massive populations of rats and bats but the people have become used to them as well.

In the center of the city is Nico’s Keep, the whole settlement having been built around it in some dim past no longer remembered. Around the keep is a market for the wealthy merchants and nobility, and an area of housing for Nobles and high ranking Guild Leaders and merchants. The farther away you get from the keep, the worse the neighborhood, until you get up to the city walls and the slums that lean up against the inside of them. All the outside areas are dangerous hives of scum and villainy except for the Northwest corner of the city where the Cathedral of Might and it’s attendant buildings reside.

The town itself is lead by Lord Mayor Peverel and a council of the leading merchants. The Duke rarely strays from his keep unless dire necessity forces him to, and only under the cover of deepest night.

  • Population: 22,000 approx.
  • Racial Makeup: Mainly Human, and Tiefling. Resident communities of Half-Orcs, Halflings, Half-Elves, Dragonborn & Fire Genasi. Small numbers of every race present in the city but not in the nicer areas.
  • Religion: Large temple complex devoted to Asmodeus, smaller locations for Kanai, Kossuth, and Battol.

City Locations

Arsanio’s – Restaurant/Inn
Bell and Book – Magic Supplies
Cathedral of Might – Temple
Fighting Pits – Temple/Arena
Murdered Manticore – Tavern
Nico’s Keep – Fortification
The Ossuary – Temple/Graveyard
Temple of the Purifying Flame – Temple

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